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Sales Facilities Design, Consulting, Layout, Supply and Service

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for your interest; we are pleased to provide you with some brief information on our company.

Our company has been operating in the Czech and Slovak Republics since 1991 and is in the process of extending its operations to Slovenia, Poland, Hungary and Moscow. It specializes in sales facilities and storage equipment, as well as in the production of wood, wire, metal and plastic components based on customer specifications.

Our focus is on the following market segments:

  • ·        Supermarkets, self-service stores and department stores

  • ·        Construction material yards, specialized markets

  • ·        Department stores and shops of all types

  • ·        Displays and store shelves

  • ·        All types of special arrangements

We are an independent manufacturer of store equipment, not a reseller or distributor for another manufacturer. This means that we can always offer our clients the optimal system, or facilities components.

As the basis of our designs we use and process the products of the following companies:

  • Tegometall     Goods shelving

  • Caddie           Shopping carts, customer orientation signware

  • Pillen             Check-out

  • Mercovend     Vending machines, parking meters

  • Oechsle         Poster frames

  • Schöning        Price labels, decorations

  • Brauer           Masts for banners

 to name just a few of our major partners.

Together with various subcontractors in the Czech Republic we also produce an increasing number of various components, from wire elements to glass cabinets, from sales counters to simple cash-outs.

Our services range from consulting, planning, design, up to material supplies, assembly and after-sales services.

With our assembly teams of up to 30 skilled employees, trained as locksmiths, carpenters, electricians and glaziers, we are able to handle just about any problem.

In the cash-out segment we guarantee 24-hour service in the Greater Prague and Brno regions; these services are also available for the servicing of other commercial facilities, such as customer information, lighting, etc.

With 5000 square meters of storage facilities in the vicinity of Prague and 2000 meters in Brno, we are always ready provide complete store equipment within a very short period of time.

Among our company’s objectives is to provide all-round service for sales facilities of all kinds, with all the necessary components, i.e., from shelf systems to cash-outs to shopping carts, price tags, decorations, banner masts, lighted panels and photographic blow-ups.

The segment of photographic blow-ups, slides and lighted panels as well as sil-screen printing is handled by our subsidiary TECHO-COLOR.

Any out-of-stock items are imported on a weekly basis from Western Europe and having our own customs broker, makes us very flexible in this regard.

In view of the fact that the purchasing power on the domestic market is unfortunately not sufficiently strong, we also sell and install used components into commercial facilities and have a permanent warehouse of such components.

We purchase used equipment and parts in Western Europe, our own staff disassembles it, refurbishes it and installs it at its new location.

From the attached reference document you can create your own impression of the projects that we have carried out thus far; the list does not include projects where we were only installing and assembling equipment made by others.

We would be pleased if we could cooperate with your firm—we are at your disposal during normal working hours, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Should these times not be convenient for you, you are welcome to make appointments with us also at other times.

We are at your disposal at any time in Prague and in Brno to answer your any further questions you might have. We look forward to your response and remain,

Yours sincerely,

Dipl.-Ing. D. Pollak